Hashman Infused – Waxman Concentrates is a native California company
with beliefs and principles that drive us to test, accomplish and innovate.
We make delicious cannabis-infused products and custom concentrates—
elevating cannabis through vision and creativity.
We keep patients coming back to see what we’re up to next!

Easy Dosing

Hashman Chocolates are marked with dosage lines. Every circle shaped chocolate is scored into individual pieces from 8mg – 42 mg.

Healthy Choices

We offer more variety in edibles than others! Through our distribution partner we sell organic treats like gluten- free cookies and caramels without refined sugars.

Homeopathic Formulas

We consulted with homeopathic doctors to help design the blends of our tinctures. Canna Drops are infused with essential oils like mandarin and mint making them tasty and effective.

Safe Extraction

We source the highest quality ingredients, only the cream of the (literal) crop. From plant to product our processes are pure and safe.

Are you a wholesaler who’d like to carry our products? A customer with a burning question, or the urge to sing our praises and make us blush? Whatever your need, we’re open to all sorts of interactions, and more than happy to help.