Waxman Concentrates specializes in awesome cannabis extracts that are consistently pretty and potent.  We are proud to be one of the first companies to brand cannabis concentrates!

Lab tested, solventless and ultra-pure, our concentrates are extracted with top-of-the-line technology for the safest yet most powerful stuff you can get.

We’re constantly pushing the envelope to bring you the most interesting products—like our uncommon flavored waxes—to keep you satisfied and coming back to see what we’re up to next.   At Waxman, we know what you like.

Waxman Crumble

Our award – winning crumble is 99.5% percent solvent free and pharmaceutical grade.  We make an expansive line of strain specific and terpene enhanced varieties and offer two grades of crumble to meet the needs of patients’ tolerance level and price demands.

Our premium Private Reserve ranges from pretty shades of orange to light blonde, is extracted with instrument grade material and is always 70% or greater THC content.

Waxman Top Shelf is light brown to blonde and ranges in potency from 55% – 75%.  We make a variety of strain specific and terpene enhanced crumbles so we always have something for every pallet and preference.

Every product is lab-tested by batch, tested for potency and certified solvent free.

Waxman CO2 Oil

Lab tested, BHO-free and CO2 extracted using our proprietary process and state of the art pharmaceutical grade equipment.   Waxman Concentrates CO2 oil is sits within 70% to 90% potency and is some of the purest on the market with every batch carefully purged for optimal quality and safety.   Available in award winning Strawberry Mojito and Watermelon flavors too!