We are proud to distributeLaVidaVerde. All products are non-GMO, pure, gluten-free and have no refined sugars. Healthy, pure and natural – but also seriously tasty!   It’s all good.

About La Vida Verde

At LaVidaVerde, they pride themselves in providing medicine to people searching for a more natural and healthy alternative to healing their bodies. They only use Organic Non-GMO ingredients. Unlike most edibles out there today –  they strive to ensure all their ingredients are pure and pesticide free.

By using healthy fats like cold pressed organic coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil their edibles absorb into your body faster than over processed sugar based edibles. All the cannabis oil is CO2 extracted with absolutely no solvents and tested for proper dosing.

They also pride themselves in the manner they produce their products, adhering to the strictest standards abiding by FDA and USDA regulation.


Medi-roons are superhero cookies believed to give you superhuman strength. Well…actually it’s a cookie made from organic superfoods.   More importantly, Medi-Roons don’t taste like cookies that are made with superfoods!   Hehe…but the experience is beyond terrific. They are gluten-free, organic and non-GMO and give you super human strength (just kidding).

Available in Lemon Pie,Brownie andChocolate Chip Flavors!

Indica, Sativa 120 mg bag – 4 per bag and CBD 1:1 60mg (30mg THC/ 30mg CBD) bag – 3 per bag

120 MG Wellness Caps

We believe that joining the medical benefits of cannabis with organic natural herbs can enhance your lifestyle in so many different ways (which I’m not allowed to speak about).  They’re packed with extra virgin coconut oil which is known to most as a really “healthy fat” and enhanced with herbs such organic turmeric, organic chamomile and organic ginger.

Each cap has 20mg of THC so you can take your dose in steps. Start with one pill and have more after if you want. Six 20 mg caps per pack. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Great tasting flavored extra virgin olive infused with bold flavors that’s are perfect for tomato and basil salads, pesto salads, grilled crostini or pasta. The possibilities are endless!   What could be better for a marijuana loving foodie?

200 mg Sativa and India. Available in Lemon Balsamic and Rosemary Garlic Flavors.

Coconut Sugar Caramels

These healthy caramels aren’t made from regular refined nasty sugar…They’re made with 100% organic coconut sugar which is one of the healthiest sugars in the universe.  They are great tasting in a sophisticated way with no dairy, no corn syrup and all organic ingredients.  lf you have a sweet tooth this a great alternative to the regular, old clog-your-artery caramel. Hehe…

100 mg. Two 50mg caramels in every pack.
In flavors, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Raspberry Caramel and Hard Caramel