Hashman Infused Canna Drops give patients an easy way to manage dosage.  Just put a drop under your tongue or a dash in your favorite beverage.  Hashman Drops are made with all natural ingredients and they’re great tasting too!

We don’t use alcohol as a base like most companies do, because why would you want to add alcohol into your cannabis?  Instead, we use MCT oil for its quick absorption and additional health benefits.

We consulted with homeopathic doctors when mixing up our formulas of Sativa, Indica and CBD.  Every choice is blended with additional essential oils adding to the synergistic effects of the plant from relaxing mandarin to invigorating mint.

Canna Drops/ Indica – Relax

Just relax. We’ve got you covered. We added natural essential oils to our Indica formula to help you chill.  Sweet nectarine, mixed in with the calming effect of CO2 extracted pure cannabis oil.

200 mg THC.  5.33 MG THC per dropper

Canna Drops / Sativa – Revive    

Revive your senses with Sativa Canna Cap, made with all natural ingredients and infused with refreshing mocha mint.  This formula is good for daytime use and puts an extra pop in your steps.

200 mg THC.  5.33 MG THC per dropper

Canna Drops/ CBD  Theraupeutic

CBD is known to aid in many ailments and our formula is the most harmoniously balanced we have found.   We added delicious, spicy, citrus notes of mandarin orange and ginger to stimulate your senses and add good taste to your medicine.   This formula is an ideally-balanced 1:1 and available in 100 mg THC and 200 mg THC.

100 mg CBD – 50 mg THC / 50 mg CBD
200 mg CBD – 100 mg THC / 100 mg CBD