Our Story


It started, as a lot of good things do, with friends.

It was 2012, and these friends were working at a dispensary and it was a great education for them. They not only learned a lot about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, but they also learned first-hand what kinds of needs their patients had.  Also, most importantly, what kind of products would make them the happiest but didn’t yet exist!

These friends imagined new THC-infused edibles that weren’t just edible, but off-the-charts delicious. They envisioned products that people didn’t have to worry about taking, because they were tested to the nth degree, manufactured safely, and dosed perfectly every time.

They started out by finding the highest quality ingredients, only the cream of the (literal) crop. They got super smart about the safest ways to extract cannabis and came up with new products they believed people would love.

Later that year the Santa Cruz Cannabis Cup came around, and our friends had a feeling they could make a splash there with what they created so far.  Sure enough, they entered and their Indica chocolate bar swept first place on their very first try!

They continued innovating and growing and now patients all over California are reaping the benefits!  Access to safe, healthy, discreet – and seriously yummy cannabis infused edibles and cool concentrates.

Our Company

Our company has grown to become a lot of good things. We’re leaders in our industry and the originators of some amazing medicinal cannabis products. We’re the holders of beliefs and principles that drive us to test, try, innovate and help.  Together we have become a dynamic group of people that have fun everyday creating amazing cannabis infused edibles and amazing concentrates for California patients.

Contact us anytime (actually, M-F 9am-5pm PCT) to learn more about our products
customerservice@hashmaninfused.net or call 831-460-6321

Are you a wholesaler who’d like to carry our products? A customer with a burning question, or the urge to sing our praises and make us blush? Whatever your need, we’re open to all sorts of interactions, and more than happy to help.